General Information

Electrical Specifications

TENNSMITH power machinery features high quality brand name electrical components manufactured in the USA. Replacement components are generally readily available over the counter at electrical supply houses in any industrial market area. Our equipment features transformed control circuits for operator safety. TENNSMITH equipment is made to conform with J.I.C. standards through the addition of a NEMA-12 enclosure and disconnects. This is standard on all TENNSMITH machines.


Every effort is made for prompt fulfillment of parts orders. With the entire manufacturing process occurring at our facilities in Middle Tennessee, you can rest assured that parts for your TENNSMITH machinery are, and will continue to be, readily available. Parts may be ordered through your local TENNSMITH distributor. If further assistance is needed, feel free to contact the factory. To facilitate processing of your order, please specify the model and serial number of your machine, and include the part number you require. Additional parts manuals are available upon request.

Operating Capacities

Operating capacities of TENNSMITH machinery are rated for AISI 1020 steel, 80,000 psi tensile, 44,000 psi yield (unless otherwise specified).

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