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Gang Slitter GSL48-16

The GSL48-16 gang slitter is A 48” slitter that can cut up to 16 gauge mild steel. It offers many features including a built in entry guide, intergraded scale, and stripper rings. The stripper rings come standard, and are beneficial for light gauged painted material to prevent marking the material. The GLS48-16 is equipped with a 3/4 HP motor to supply the torque required to cut a wide range of material at speeds up to 60 feet per minute.

Single Wheel Slitter SLE24-16

The SLE48-16 Single Wheel Slitter is a must-have for anyone cutting sheet metal; it’s rugged yet portable. It’s designed to bring to the job site, but it is also a handy tool to have in the shop. The slitter can shear strips anywhere from 1” to 24” wide with no limitation in length. The operation is simple, set the pointer to the desired width of the cut, and lock it into place, no tools required. The maximum shearing capacity is 16ga. mild steel but will also cut aluminum, stainless and other materials.