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A Family Tradition Since 1928.

Tennsmith is recognized worldwide as a premier leader in the manuafacture of sheet metal fabricating machinery. We offer a full range of American-made sheet metal tools including Automatic Folders, Hand Brakes, Shears, Slip Rolls, Cleat Benders, Notchers and Rotary Machines.

This Months Featured Product

The Brand-New Pexto PR 720 Powered Rotary Machine

The brand new Pexto PR 720 Powered Rotary Machine offers a broad variety of shapes and capabilities in forming sheet metal for a combination of uses: beading, crimping, setting down, double seaming, turning, burring, wiring, elbow edging, flanging, and flattening. All are precise in the job they do and are readily adaptable to job requirements. The roll chart is indicative of the machines flexibility. The PR 720 is rated for 20 gauge mild steel and has a throat depth of 7” inches. A variety of different roll options may be ordered from the roll chart to use with this machine. Features include an adjustable throat depth gauge, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, 120 voltage, optional wheels for mobility and more.

The rate of forming is directly controlled by the foot switch, with rotation speed of the rolls controlled by placing more or less pressure on the pedal. For larger diameter work material, the PR 720 may be equipped with an optional large gauge plate assembly.

Designed for Superior Speed and Accuracy
The Tennsmith SBS Series powered folders utilize a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance.

Solid Construction

This metal brake is plate and weldment steel construction, delivering superior performance and features in a rigid design.

Intelligent Controls

The Synergy Control System is second to none. It is a highly advanced, Windows-based ECS CNC system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts.

Powerful Combination

Combining automated bending of angles up to 145 degree, material clamping and material support make the AutoBrake a powerful machine.

Precise Folding

The folding beam consists of a thick plate for maximum resistance to bending forces with a machined seat to receive the bending blade.

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