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Speed and Accuracy.

Tennsmith’s SBS folders are fast, highly durable and ready to meet your needs for years to come.


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From simple bends to complex shapes, we have the right equipment for any job.

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with Every Cut.

Built with the quality and high-exacting standards that our customers have come to expect from us.


To the Max.

The AutoMax series sheet metal brakes are our American made long folders with capabilities of folding specialized long products with high repeatability and accuracy.


Introducing the All-New

From simple blanking to a fully automated system, the AutoKut slit-to-width and cut-to-length line is the outright leader in its class.



A Variety of Tools for Any Job.

Tennsmith Model 52H Hydraulic Shear Tennsmith Power Rotary PR-16 Tennsmith Manul Slip Roll SR336 Solid and Reliable additions to any shop for years to come.

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Over nine decades of manufacturing excellence with Tennsmith metal forming machinery, made right here in America.

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A Family Tradition Since 1928.

Tennsmith is recognized worldwide as a premier leader in the manuafacture of sheet metal fabricating machinery. We offer a full range of American-made sheet metal tools including Automatic Folders, Hand Brakes, Shears, Slip Rolls, Cleat Benders, Notchers and Rotary Machines.
Featured Product

SBS Series Automatic Folders

The Tennsmith SBS Series powered folders utilize a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance.

Features & Benefits:

– Low-maintenance design ensures fast service, minimum downtime.
– Twin-motor folding beam drive system delivers accuracy and speed—up to 90 degrees per second.
– Center clamping beam drive maximizes power and reduces torque loss.
– Flash memory stores all machine information for fast upgrades and no on-site programming of replacement parts.
– Solid-state electronics minimize maintenance and downtime.
– Touch-screen operation and Windows®-based interface deliver complete operator control.
– Numerous applications include construction, roofing, consumer products, office equipment, appliance manufacturing and a wide range of OEM applications.

Automatic Multi-Tooling Folders

The Tennsmith MTS Series mechanical folding system utilizes a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. The MTS Series is a multi-tool designed machine. The upper beam comes standard with both segmented and sharp rail tooling.  The segmented box tooling allows for a maximum box depth of 4.0”. The sharp rail is machines to 30 degrees.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy-efficient electrical design
  • Direct drive Folding Beam with a speed of 90° per second
  • Fast ¾ hp servo driven Back Gauge motor for back gauge speeds of 0.375” to 61” in 2 seconds
  • Center drive Clamping Beam for even more clamping force
  • 126″ bending length

Solid Construction

This metal brake is plate and weldment steel construction, delivering superior performance and features in a rigid design.

Intelligent Controls

The Synergy Control System is second to none. It is a highly advanced, Windows-based ECS CNC system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts.

Powerful Combination

Combining automated bending of angles up to 145 degree, material clamping and material support make the AutoBrake a powerful machine.

Precise Folding

The folding beam consists of a thick plate for maximum resistance to bending forces with a machined seat to receive the bending blade.

Low-Profile Mechanical Shears

Tennsmith’s low-profile LM series mechanical shears utilize a simple low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. All LM models come standard with the unique 2x back-gauge system. The design of the 2x allows the operator to position the back stop from 0 to 30 inches with only two rotations of the handle, speed of the 2x is unmatched with positioning speeds of just 2 seconds. With the combination of the digital readout for the 2x back gauge system the operator adds both speed and great accuracy to the job.

The LM1010 (shown) is rated at a maximum of 10-gauge material with a cutting width of 121 inches. To enhance productivity, optional equipment available for the machines include: five or ten-foot squaring arm, front support arms, light beam and protractor attachment. A rear drop sheet support system is available for the LM1010.

2x Back Gauge with Digital Readout

With the combination of the digital readout for 2x back gauge system, the operator adds both speed and great accuracy to the job. The digital display shows measurements in 0.001” increments. Longer travel ranges are available by request.

Squaring Arm

The optional five-foot squaring arm is a precision gauge, which can be mounted left or right and has inlaid inch/metric scaling and adjustable guide block. Also available in ten and twelve-foot lengths. A toggle on the block lets sheet stock slide underneath, then pivots to the stop position.

Go-To Back Gauge System

The optional Go-To back gauge system features a twin ball screw design which provides accuracy and repeatability. The standard travel range is 30-inches, longer travels are available. The back gauge is powered by a 3/4–hp gear motor and operated by a Go-To control system. Models LM1010 and LM1210 are standard with this system.

More Options

  • Front support arms
  • T-slotted table (supports arms with inlaid inch/metric scales)
  • Material cart (MSE1016 and LM1014)
  • Stroke counter
  • Protractor for angled cuts
  • Go-To ball screw driven back gauge
  • High speed motors for increased cutting cycles
  • Air-operated sheet support system (front or rear return)
  • Performance Packages

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