Cowin Construction: A Classic Coppersmith for Over 30 Years

Cowin Construction shop
Cowin Construction

I bought my first Tennsmith equipment at the age of 19 and have been using it for 30 years. I have completed many projects in metal and copper in those years.

The Autobrake is a sheet metal solution like I have never encountered. From hand tools, to pan breaks, and 10 foot manual brakes, the ease of use and repeatability are unmatched. The ability of a single worker to manipulate the material and operate the brake are a major asset in our environment. What used to take a second person to handle the project, and operate the manual clamping/bending at either end, has been virtually eliminated.

Cowin Construction shop
Cowin Construction shop

We are continually amazed at the reduced layout time, reduction in man hours, and consistency with which the brake performs. Within moments, a profile can be retrieved, adjusted if necessary to compensate for a new material, and the expected product can be generated. With the Autobrake, we are able to offer the customer virtually any metal product, and once profiled in the system, repeat it again and again.

From guttering, roofing valley metal, and even small projects with simple bends, the Autobrake is an indispensable tool in our shop. The bump radius function allows for a broad offering of guttering and cornice products, and the other capabilities of the unit and what a skilled operator can accomplish are beyond the scope of what I can write in this review.

If you are looking for a brake that can offer accurate repeatability, excellent end product, and maximum use of workforce, the Autobrake is the tool to have.

Cowin Construction copper
Cowin Construction copper

I have found the Tennsmith/Roper Whitney equipment to be the best in the business and plan to continue to purchase and use it now and in the years to come.


Daniel Cowin
Daniel Cowin Construction, LLC